Team Audit System

TEAM Audit System

TEAM is a system designed by auditors for auditors.
The system comprises a series of pre-printed schedules and forms to assist in the completion of an assignment.
If you use it as instructed, your audits will be technically compliant with auditing standards and other technical requirements. It is designed to be cost effective and user-friendly. The packs are easy to file and cross-reference, having pre-printed file dividers and a standard indexing system.
There are also TEAM packs designed specifically for accounts preparation work. The system helps you to plan the assignment in a way that avoids doing unnecessary work thereby reducing time costs. It also controls the completion process to avoid running up excessive finalisation costs.
The essence of the TEAM approach is cost-effectiveness, which is achieved by correct assignment planning and concentration on key issues. The benefit is improved efficiency.
The TEAM system of standard working papers is exclusive to CharterGroup and used by the majority of member firms and many non member firms. There are a number of packs, each designed for use on a specific type of assignment or for a specific purpose as follows:
File Price
(Per pack)

Audit File: 2016 (FRS102)       £27.95
Accounts Preparation File: Smaller Entities £11.25
Accounts Preparation File: Larger Entities £11.55
Solicitors File £21.95
Permanent File £11.25
Charity Audit File: 2016 (New SORP & FRS102) £48.00
Electronic Audit Manual (annual update) CG Members £105.00
Electronic Audit Manual (annual update) Non Members £205.00


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CharterGroup Members receive a 10% discount on TEAM and a 50% discount on the Electronic Audit Manual. Prices are exclusive of VAT. Postage is free on all orders of 15 packs and over.

Contact us about membership:

Member Services Manager,  Steve Hall: 0345 030 6167

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