Networking Opportunities

Network Opportunities

Networking is extremely beneficial to you as a member of the alliance.

To assist you in this CharterGroup provides:

  • The Annual Partner Conference

The Annual Partner Conference brings together the membership for a two-day event of presentations and networking at a quality location.

  • Regional Meetings

Use these to discuss forthcoming CharterGroup initiatives and ideas, members can share localised problems or opportunities

  • Topical Seminars
  • Business Development Groups
  • Referrals via the log-in section of the website
  • International referrals via our affiliation with Eura-Audit

Through networking opportunities we aim to help you:

  • Build on your existing skills and knowledge
  • Obtain referral business
  • Broaden your service to your client base

Contact us about membership

Member Services Manager,   Steve Hall: 0345 030 6167

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